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Exosleeve is an e-commerce website build on a WordPress platform with a Jigoshop plugin.

Exo was developed by seasoned Crossfit Athletes who were looking for better training products, specifically knee sleeves. After months of competition and training beta-testing, we decided to put our findings to good use.

Exo Sleeves, made in the USA, is the leader in design, style, and comfort.
Our Mission is to provide a quality, functional and stylish knee sleeve that will stand up to our athletes’ training and competition protocol, day in and day out. It is our intent that our carefully manufactured products will enhance sport performance and muscle recovery for every athlete who puts on an Exo Sleeve.

Whether you are completing a back squat super set, attempting a Clean & Jerk PR, doing thrusters in your workout, or testing out 100 burpees for time, Exo Sleeves will be there to ensure your comfort, style and safety is not comprised.



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