Marketing PPC, E-mail, & Local

Whatever your marketing needs: Pay Per Click, E-Mail, Affiliate, or Local Marketing….We have the experienced marketing background and creative tools you need to get the job done and reach your goals.
PAY PER CLICK Marketing – National & Local Campaign Management:

Setup fee: $299.99 – Includes creating and setting up a Google Adwords, Bing Ad and Yahoo Ad account, researching and anaylizing keywords for your industry and bulding out hundreds of ad’s and thousands of keywords (or as many keywords needed per your monthly budget).

Monthly maintenance fee:
100 Keywords: $50/month
500 Keywords: $200/month
1,000 Keywords: $360/month
2,000 Keywords: $599/month

Local Paid Marketing – Campaign Management:

Setup fee: $99.99 – Monthly maintenance fee: (includes paid featured listings in yellow pages, google and other major local sites – $100+ value per industry if you did it yourself – we have national marketing account which gives us discounted rates we pass along to you.)

Paid monthly by industry listing – i.e. “Plumbing”, “Swimming Pool Cleaning”, “AC/Heating Contractor”
1 Industry Listing: $99/month
2 Industry Listings: $179/month
5 Industry Listings: $399/month

E-mail Marketing – Campaign Management:

Setup fee: $299.99 – Includes email software, setting up your custom email template and email server customizations for your site to ensure you have a higher open and delivery rate. (most cheap services have less than 50% delivery rate as most mail is now caught by junk mail of your email provider)

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $59/month

Affiliate Marketing – Campaign Management:

Setup fee: $399.99 – Includes setup and configuration of affiliate account on top 3 affiliate sites. Also includes creation of 3 different ad’s in each of the top 5 performing ad sizes as well as text and link ad’s.

Monthly Maintenance & Optimization Fees:
Basic 2 hours a month optimization: $59/month
Mid-tier 4 hours a month of optimization: $99/month
Pro 2 hour weekly optimization & affiliate management: $179/month