West of Candice

For this project we took the clients blog vision and turned it into a working piece of art displaying food, fashion, and travel. We configured a database so that the client could make changes and update their blog on a daily basis. They have usernames and passwords to change everything from the pictures to the text font. They often use the website’s easy to use – user log in to update the website with featured artists and new arriving pieces. Other modules include a simple contact form, google maps, featured artists carousel, full screen image slider, social media tabs, and a news/events, & press section.

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About West of Candice:

I’m Candice, a Lifestyle Blogger in San Francisco. I feel most comfortable in black and/or leather.

Still a college student with a full time job. My favorite accomplishments are my California Cosmetology license and my Nutrition Specialist Certification. Because it’s just more fun learning about something you love.

I am a wellness freak. But in our world, everyone should be (amirite?). At any given point in the day i’m probably reading about ghee while chasing my coconut oil shot with aloe vera juice. Told ya I was a freak.

I live this happy little life in San Francisco.

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