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This project was to create all of the custom graphics for this website after the developer had finish the construction and data base. This website is an advanced CMS with logins for user registration and admins. Sign up with Good Info today for all your local directory needs!, inc. was incorporated in 2012 as a development stage enterprise to provide internet marketing services and serve as a local search directory for its cooperative members and online consumers.

During 2012, the company has concentrated its efforts on building the necessary infrastructure of the business. The company negotiated and leased its office facility in Sarasota, Florida. The company formed its management team, home office staff, developed operating budgets and management controls, purchased and installed the necessary equipment for the business, developed the product offering, created a member acquisition strategy, contracted a development firm to construct our website, created marketing materials and hired outside consultants for legal, accounting, advertising, public relations, cooperative development, and marketing.

In late may, the company launched its 1.0 version of the product offering for the metropolitan statistical areas (msa’s) of Tampa, Florida and Sarasota, Florida. The company plans to beta test the site, hire and train the company’s sales staff and implement the marketing strategy to reach small and medium sized businesses (smb’s) during the month of June.

In October of 2012, the company released the updated 1.5 version of the website with enhanced functionality and features. during this period, the company beta tested the site and deployed the marketing strategy developed to reach our consumer targets located within the msa’s of Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. In addition, the company plans to hire additional staff to support the activities of the organization. The company plans expansion into four markets (msa’s) in 2014 and fourteen in 2015.

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