Dr. Karen Leggett

This website was designed for Dr. Leggett with women in mind. It includes custom graphics/ banners, sign-up forms, a multifunctional shoping cart, product pages, downloadable E-books, password protected member pages, and much more. This hybrid website is on a WordPress platform with a Jigoshop extension included to incorporate E-Commerce objectives.

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A Message from Dr. Leggett:

Welcome to our lovely site that was made with TLC for you!

I am Dr. Karen Leggett, and I have been committed to advancing my training far beyond medical school. Doing so has provided me years of enjoyment in practicing RESTORATIVE MEDICINE in an insurance-based practice, and allowed me to change the lives of 1000’s of individuals who were seeking care beyond symptom treatment. By understanding the core of illnesses, and supporting patients’ physical and mental needs, I have helped many who were otherwise unable to find the care they desired.

The level in the medical community of skilled Restorative Medicine professionals today falls well below the demand! And, the demand is growing more quickly than ever!

You have already proved yourself by your commitment to learn and practice medicine. If you are now ready to advance your knowledge above and beyond your medical training, you will find valuable courses and my personal support right here. Through virtual courses and my personal mentorship, you can advance your career, build the practice you LOVE, work with appreciative, dedicated patients, and be highly sought after by both patients and employers.

It would be my pleasure to work with you!

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